Argus: Students Assemble for Social Justice Leadership Conference

Argus: Students Assemble for Social Justice Leadership Conference

“On Saturday, Feb. 23, the fifth annual Social Justice Leadership Conference took place at 41 Wyllys Ave. First organized by Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development Elisa Cardona and the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) in 2008, the conference is a community-based initiative that brings students, staff, faculty, and Middletown residents together to lead sessions on social justice and improve their leadership skills.”

Save DeWitt Clinton High School

DeWitt Clinton High School

Dear Mayor Bloomberg, Chancellor Walcott, and the people of the City of New York,

DeWitt Clinton High School should not be closed.  The closure of DeWitt Clinton High School will accomplish nothing but the waste of a valuable and unique opportunity.

It has been argued that the history of a school does not matter, that it is only the present activities of the school that matter.  That is not the version of History that I learned at DeWitt Clinton.  The History that I learned at DeWitt Clinton commands that the past is important, that the past is critical to the present.  DeWitt Clinton High School has a story that stretches over 115 years, starring hundreds of thousands of students, parents, faculty, and staff.  Continue reading “Save DeWitt Clinton High School”

Argus: WSA Forms New Diversity Committee

Argus: WSA Forms New Diversity Committee

“The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) announced last Tuesday, Sept. 25, that it was forming a new subcommittee of the Community Outreach Committee (COCo) called the Committee for Inclusion and Diversity (CID). This committee, which will begin meeting in early October, is slated to work to facilitate discussions about diversity issues at the University through both outreach and organized events.”

Argus: WSA Brings New York Times Online

Argus: WSA Brings New York Times Online

“The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) recently announced that it has expanded availability of The New York Times (NYT) for the University community to the paper’s online edition. While the NYTReadership Program had provided four hundred free paper copies on weekdays to students and faculty at several sites on campus, the WSA’s new subscription now includes two hundred paper copies. These newspapers will continue to be available at Usdan, the Public Affairs Center (PAC), and outside Pi Café. Additionally, a maximum of four hundred simultaneously logged-in readers will have access to the online edition.”