SYED AGMAL ALI is currently Communications Coordinator at FoodCorps, a nationwide network of AmeriCorps leaders that connect kids to real food and help them grow up healthy. Our members teaching about food, building and tending school gardens, and getting healthy local foods on kids’ lunch trays.

Wesleyan University

Syed is a recent graduate of the Class of 2013 at Wesleyan University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and English.  In English, he concentrated on Theory and Literary Forms, though he is also interested in American literature.  In Government, he concentrated on international politics, specifically interested in nationalism, foreign policy, and international organization.

Wesleyan Student Assembly

Starting spring  2011, Syed was an at-large representative on the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA).  He led the Community Outreach Committee (COCO) in 2012-2013, which is responsible for student groups, relations with Middletown, diversity and inclusion, all-campus events. Syed concurrently served as a student representative to the Wesleyan University Board of Trustees, on the University Relations Committee and New Media Working Group.  He led the WSA Information Technology Committee (ITC) in 2011-2012, advocating for student concerns in Wesleyan’s long-term and short-term technology decisions.  He concurrently sat on the WSA Organization and External Affairs Committee (OEAC), connecting students to their representative deliberative body.

Wesleying and Wesleyan Argus

Syed was also a contributor/editor at the independent student blog Wesleying, which reached over two million hits in 2012.  He was also a Staff Writer for the college newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus during his freshman and sophomore years.

NYC Green Cart

In summer 2011, Syed worked for NYC Green Cart initiative through the NYC Department of Health.  There, he increased access to and awareness of fresh fruits and vegetables in disadvantaged communities by building relationships for the program.  This was a formative experience establishing interests in the environment and public health as well as an urgent concern for urban inequality.

Wesleyan Eco-Tools Eco-Map

Syed was involved with Wesleyan Eco-Tools, a project led by Government Professor Mary Alice Haddad to promote awareness of environmental impact within the Wesleyan community.  The Eco-Tools group created a campus pollution map and a guide to eco-purchasing and organized an environmental conference of the New England liberal arts colleges.

One-Economy CorporationSyed was briefly Global Policy Intern for the One Economy Corporation, which leverages the power of technology to aid underserved people.  He adapted information and communication technology (ICT) curriculum for Haitian youth and developed partnerships with organizations in Uganda and Egypt.

The Marymont Group and jetDIVERSITYAs Research/Recruiting Intern for The Marymont Group and jetDIVERSITY, Syed helped source candidates for executive-level positions at major corporations and executed special research projects.  He also helped rebrand jetDIVERSITY and build its social media presence.

Syed was on the English Majors Committee and on the Student Steering Committee of the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life (CSPL).  The majors committee works with Professor Courtney Weiss Smith to cultivate community around the major through events such as Open Mic shows and the Majors Lecture Series.  The CSPL ties together social scientific disciplines and connects them with other sectors of “the public.”

To view professional information, please view Syed’s LinkedIn page.

Research Interests: foreign policy, international organization, nationalism, transnationalism, intersections of government and technology (government 2.0, open government), community building, education policy, political rhetoric, urban studies, public health, nutrition, food access.